March 20, 2020

Dear BAMS Students,

It is so sad for me to write this letter to you. The “snow day excitement” some of you may have felt last Sunday has likely worn away and most of you probably miss school. We already miss you! The emptiness I feel when the morning bell rings each day is hard for me. I am devastated that you are stuck at home without the ability to come to BAMS to learn, to have fun with friends, and to enjoy the sports, music, BEAMS and other activities you deserve and love. This truly is a very strange time in American history, and you will remember Coronavirus for many years.

With that said, school and life will carry on and we will do our best during a challenging time. You have learning to do! We’re just doing it differently. Our primary way of communicating and exchanging assignments and completed work will be through the internet and your Chromebooks or another device at home. For some of you, this change will be relatively easy. For others, it is going to be very challenging. Our teachers will work with you! We will be there to help you when we can. You simply need to put in your best effort.

Here is what is expected of you:

  • Take care of yourself. If you are at home without an adult, be responsible and safe. This Coronavirus problem has and will be VERY challenging for adults and students. Parents and guardians are expecting you to be responsible and to help out when you can.

  • Online learning begins on Monday. Teachers will be setting up a regular time for your advisory to get together on Zoom. They will be sending your work through email and Google Classroom. Please check your email and respond to your teachers by the morning of Monday the 23rd at the latest.

  • Many of your teachers are going to use a program called “Zoom”. Some teachers will be hosting class sessions through Zoom. Those meetings will happen at the same time you normally have classes. Please do your best to join the meetings you are invited to. Invitations will come to your Google email. This video will explain a few basic functions: Zoom- 1 minute video

  • Zoom advisory meetings will either happen during the normal time from 8:40 AM-9:00 AM or during the skills block time. 

  • Find time each day to complete schoolwork. Schedule about 2-3 hours of time each day for schoolwork. The bottom line is that you need to complete all of the work you are assigned, done. If you are spending less than 2 hours a day on schoolwork, it is possible you are not putting in enough time. If you are spending a lot more than 3 hours to complete your work, contact your teachers to discuss what is happening for you.

  • PLEASE READ YOUR EMAILS each day. Your teachers will be trying to connect with you in a variety of ways. Please respond to them as soon as you reasonably can.

  • You will continue to be graded in the classes you are taking. Work hard and try your best. 

  • If you are having a problem with your Chromebook, please send Mr. Bernegger an email: He will help you as soon as he can.

We hope you can be back in school soon. When we know more, we will let you know. Until then, we won’t be able to have any students or teachers in the building. We miss you already and hope you do as well as you can given this difficult situation. If you need help from me, I can be reached at Mr. Daughton can be reached at Ms. Starkweather can be reached at, and Ms. Jacobs can be reached at


Mr. Lyman