Athletics Mission Statement

Brattleboro Area Middle School strives to provide an athletic program of excellence for all students. We strive to maintain a program that is sound in purpose and will advance each student's educational and personal maturity. Participation should contribute to the physical, emotional and social health of our student-athletes, and promote a sense of unity and cooperation amongst our student-athletes, the student body and the larger school community. Athletic experiences should teach values such as hard work, commitment, leadership, self-discipline and control, teamwork, and physical fitness, all within a framework of academic excellence. Lastly, BAMS students involved in athletics are still developing their skills, and a such, our athletic programs provide an instructional focus for those who participate.
We expect that students who are involved will work to ensure that this experience is positive and beneficial. Participation in athletics is a privilege that carries with it responsibilities to the school, the team, the student body, the community, and to the individuals themselves, and is accorded to any student who is willing to adhere to the standards and rules of our athletic program.


Mr. Kevin Myette
BAMS Athletic Director

Mr. Chris Sawyer
BUHS Athletic Director

Mr. Keith Lyman
BAMS Principal