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Support Faculty and Staff

 Counseling Student Services 
 Traci Jacobs, Draco and Taurus Christie Thereault- Behavioral Support
 Paula Starkweather, Canis and Leo  Dan Bailey- Security
 Janis Nadler, School-based Clinician
 Dawn Petrovsky, Secretary, and Registrar
Jane Baker - Paraeducator
Patrick Johnson - Paraeducator
Jill Sprague  Paraeducator
Lauren Petrie - SAP Clinician 

Academic Support Services 
Chris Brewer
Beth Ann Repchick
Cory Stark
Amanda Nash

BAMS Special Education Teachers
Rebecca Artessa
Gabrielle Pulito
Kate Conway
Junie Pereira

 BUHS#6 Special Education Services  
Joe Grutta -  Special Education Coordinator
Tammy Mace - Technology Support
Sarah Kolakoski - Speech and Language Pathologist
Rotina Gong - Intensive Special Education Teacher
TBH - BU#6 SPED Administrative Asst.
John Barnett- Out of District Case Manager
Bethany Connelly- Special Education Behavior Interventionist
Jay Cudworth - Behavior Support
 Alan Givetz- Behavior Support

ELL Teacher
Jen Course

Athletic Director
Kevin Myette 
Technology Support Services
George Bernegger
Paul Morse
Robert Wickberg, Director

Sue Mitchell
Karen Robb
Jean Gilbeau
Christina New
Kevin Myette
Caleb Pride
Maria Renaud
Ben Robb
Patty Timney
Sheila Tkaczyk

Health Services
Rebecca Olmstead RN
Linda Rinder RN
Susan Melo RN
Darcy Whitworth - Paraeducator






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