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MOOver Policy

MOOver Policy for Delayed Start of School for BUHS and TVHMS

Weather conditions or other circumstances may cause BUHS and/or TVHMS to have delayed opening announced for the morning of a regularly scheduled day.  When there is a school delayed opening, the following schedule will apply.  Please call the MOOver at 464-8487 if you have any questions.

90 Minute Delayed Opening at BUHS

#8 West Dover  8:30 Depart Dover School

 8:45 Depart West Dover Fire House

 8:49 Depart Mount Snow Marketplace

 9:00 Arrive Old TVHS

#10 Wilmington to

         Brattleboro  9:15 Depart Old TVHS

 9:35 Depart Marlboro School

10:00 Arrive BUHS

Two Hour Delayed Opening at TVHMS

#8 West Dover 9:00 Depart Dover School

9:15 Depart West Dover Fire House

9:19 Depart Mount Snow Marketplace

9:30 Arrive Old TVHS