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Food Distribution for Families

https://www.hungerfreevt.org/coronavirus - for more information

Meal Distribution for Those in Need

The State has shifted the Farmers to Families food box distributions to a registration system to streamline the process, reduce wait times, and improve the experience for people picking up food. Registration will be required to pick up food. 
To register and see the dates and locations of food distribution events,
please call 2-1-1 or visit: humanresources.vermont.gov/food-help

Food will include FEMA meal boxes, along with produce, chicken, and dairy products.
Site Schedule, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. :

Each household will receive:
- 2 gallons of milk
- 1 box of meat (10lbs of grilled chicken filet/strip and 10lbs of breaded chicken tenders/patties)
- 1 box of produce (15-25lbs of assorted seasonal vegetables, mostly local)
- 1 box of Cabot dairy products (4lbs cheddar cheese, 1.5lbs American cheese, 2lbs butter
- 1 box of 10-15 FEMA box meals

Pull up in your car, open your trunk, and the appropriate amount of food will be loaded by members of the Vermont National Guard.

Please be sure there is plenty of space available in your car for the boxes of food.

The National Guard requests that you please not bring your pet to ensure their safety while loading MREs into vehicles.

Those who are ill, have been advised to quarantine, or lack transportation can send a friend or relative to pick up meals for them.

There will be further events around the state in the coming weeks.