Core Academic Programs

At BAMS, both students and staff members are organized into teams of 7th and 8th graders. Core teams, both students and teachers, are identified as Teams Canis MajorTeam LeoTeam Draco, and Team Taurus, named after constellations. Students in each of the core teams share a common group of core teachers—English, math, science, social studies and, as appropriate, receive the services of Academic Support or Special Education. Core teams loop, meaning that they teach the same group of students for two years, beginning in their 7th-grade year and continuing with these students through the end of their 8th-grade year.

The following links will take you to the content area curriculum.

                                                           Team Leo 
Tom Patuto - Math 
  Matt Betz - Science
                Jessica Earp - Social Studies
              Jessica Montenieri - English 

Team Canis Major 
  Eric Libardoni - Math
              Kristie Henderson - Science 
                     Scott Davenport - Social Studies 
          Gabriella Raccio - English


Team Draco
Peggy Maxfield - Math
Jake McDermott - Science
Joe Rivers - Social Studies
Elizabeth Scanlon - English

Team Taurus
Debi Serafino - Math
Stephanie Pike - Science 
Nicholas Yialiades - Social Studies      
Rebecca Twaites - English