Brattleboro Enrichment Activities for Middle Schoolers                     This Program is Closed for the Year.
There are four sessions of BEAMS programs throughout the year and four weeks of summer programming. Programs run Monday-Friday from 3:30-5:15 PM. BEAMS is free of charge to all BAMS students. Transportation home can also be provided if necessary. 

Daily Schedule:
3:30-3:40 Snack in the Cafe
3:40-4:00 Choice Time and Homework Help
4:00-5:15 Programs
5:15 Pick up/Bus Departure 

For more information, contact BEAMS Director, Jill Kelley


Session Two Begins on Monday, November 4!
Information and enrollment forms have been distributed. Please return them to school as soon as possible, so that your child can get into their chosen clubs. They fill up fast!

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Volunteer Policy

Russell Babb and Tucker Missale in BONUS BEAMS- learning the process of making cookie dough, rolling out the dough, baking, and decorating the cookies through the span of a week.